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Wow, I'm finally getting my hair cut tomorrow. This is good. Now I can show up to Craft Day in Greensburg looking all stunning and all of those Greensburg people that I've never met will say, “Wow, 's friend Kelly is so fabulous!” And maybe will say, “Kelly is so much prettier now!” But probably no one will notice.\
Speaking of Craft Day, I was thinking of bringing booze but since I know that at least two toddlers will be there I'm rethinking that.\
On a completely unrelated note, there's an article in Pulp this week about books by local authors being sold in independent bookstores.\
Pretty cool. I'm trying to make it a point this year to do a good chunk of my Christmas shopping at local stores instead of giving all of my money to the Big Boxes. I will confess that last night I committed quite the retail sin and ordered some books and DVDs off of the dreaded barnesandnoble.com but I had a coupon and they were books and DVDs that I could get anywhere so…yeah.\
But anyway, I am going to be doing some shopping on Butler Street here in Lawrenceville and I invite all Pittsburgh people to do the same. You can find out more about the businesses on Butler Street here:\
I'm going to try to sneak in a shower.

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