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Most of you who aren't idiots like I am will probably know not to type up a big post and then get curious about that “rich text” link down at the bottom of the page. Because I'm sure you'll know that it will EAT YOUR HUGE POST!\
Let me try to remember what I said…\
Bedtime tonight was uncharacteristically difficult. I'm thinking of chalking it up to the baby having a late nap today and, therefore, being a little out of sorts when it came time for bed. We did the usual bedtime routine, but when I put the baby down, he started crying…and crying…and crying…and crying until I couldn't take it anymore. I went in and sat with him in the rocking chair for over an hour while he kept fighting off sleep. At one point, just as he was drifting off, he woke up and said to me, “Kelly B. \’c0Que pasa?” which was, um, odd. I taught him that phrase awhile ago so it wasn't like he was suddenly fluent in Spanish, but it was still strange. He also told me a couple of stories, including walking me through the major plot points of this book that we last read, like, a week ago called Baby and Bunny or something. Basically, there's this baby and this bunny and they pop bubbles, wear beads, look at books, hug dollies, then the bunny hides, the baby cries, the bunny comes back and they have a happy reunion and that's it. I also had to keep shooing my mother away who insisted on popping her head around the door and hissing, “He wants me!” because I knew he didn't even if he did ask for her a few times.* A few times at certain levels of exhaustion I have handed the baby off to her but I recently had to put the kibash on that. I know now that as soon as he sits down with her he'll start saying, “I want Mum,” and as soon as I sit down with him he'll start saying, “I want Baba (my mom).” So it's best just to let me handle things.\
The boyfriend, who is once again doing the four-hour hour, is going to get an earful from me whenever he gets home for leaving me alone with his demon spawn while he was out having a pizza playdate with his boyfriends.\
Gah. I was going to get a shower tonight, too, but now it's too late. I just want to bathe, people. That's all I'm asking for.\
I'm going to go to sleep before I get even crankier.\
*For the record, he also wanted his bus, his red car, his trucks, his trains, and I had to fight to retain rights to my hair, my nosering, and my ponytail holder. Just so you know, it wasn't just me being bitchy to my mom.

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