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So, here's what happened…

While talking to yesterday afternoon, I realized that I hadn't been out for an evening of fun for quite some time. Luckily, John Arnold was going to be in town to play at the Warhol and at Havana.\
After dinner, the boyfriend and I headed out but I had kind of a rough time leaving. The baby, for the first time, got very clingy to me and bawled when I left. I was pretty taken aback and felt bad, but I haven't left the house for anything other than grocery shopping in so long I was starting to grow mold.\
The performance at the Warhol was nice and laidback. While listening to Mr. Arnold I chatted with , her friend Terry (sp?), , and . I kept getting distracted by the hysterical William Wegman movies that were playing on the back wall.\
After the Warhol, the boyfriend and I drove out to his house in Brookline so that he could grab some CD-Rs and crap. We got back to our house around 11 and were shocked to find the baby still awake. My mom said that he wouldn't go to bed for her, which meant I had to put him to bed. This might seem obvious, but rocking a yummy toddler to sleep isn't the most encouraging thing when you're in the middle of a night out. I really wanted to go to bed, but sucked it up to make it out for 's last night as a promoter of Sauce.\
Havana was fun, but there was weird tension the whole night. Our friend Shawn was having some serious girl woes and when any of the boyfriend's boyfriends is having girl trouble, he seems to project negative behavior onto me in order to bond with his boyfriends or something. At one point, he became slightly angry with me for hugging a guy friend…a gay guy friend. I was irritated, but decided not to make a big deal out of it. Not long after that, all was forgiven, and fun was continued. See?\
title or description \
That's me, looking snobby. I took my camera with me and I sincerely hope that I got some nice shots. Due to the low light I was having some serious trouble focusing.\
When 2 a.m. rolled around, the boyfriend didn't give me a chance to decline going to the after hours party at the Shadow Lounge. I was pretty tired at this point but figured that I could hang for about an hour. We had Jwan with us, whose needles were being used on the turntables there. There had been a show there beforehand so there were already quite a few local artists (musicians, singers, poets) being drunk and goofy. The boyfriend and I played a game of Mancala, then when he went to play records I halfheartedly danced around and took more pictures. showed up and…sat.\
I guess for a good chunk of time I was just standing in the middle of the room looking dazed, because the boyfriend came over to me and said, “Are you getting tired?” I can't imagine what would have tipped him off to that stunning realization. He said that we could get going but Jwan convinced us to wait “just 15 more minutes” for a few more records to be played so that he and his needles could leave with us. I suppose it would be a good idea to alert you all to the fact that a keg of Yuengling had been provided and most folks, including Jwan, were taking full advantage. This could be the reason why plans and times got fuzzy. I was not partaking because I had to pee enough as it was and I wasn't trying to make 6 zillion beer bladder trips to the Shadow Lounge's cold-ass bathroom in the basement.\
As you can probably imagine, guy time warps were in full effect. “15 more minutes” came and went…and soon it was 4:30. I was trying not to be the pain-in-the-ass girlfriend that ruins the fun for everyone, but, as I kept pointing out, unlike everyone else who were going to make up for the late night by sleeping in until noon and then rolling to Starbucks, I was going to be dealing with a 2-year-old in a few short hours. I kept seeing people pull out “just one more record” to play, and at that point I was so tired I was feeling violent and would scream “NO MORE RECORDS” across the room.\
Finally, thank dog, we got home and I passed out as soon as possible. The baby, due to his late night, slept in until after 10. When the supernova of sunshine woke me up at 9, I had plenty of time to drink coffee, read email and shower.\
I did get my hair cut today and it looks very nice because they straightened it with one of those hair irons. However, I had the sadistic hairdresser who seemed to take great delight in scratching my face with one of those big, round brushes before pulling single strands of hair out with it and bending my head 45 degrees with every stroke. My mom told me that I should have said something to her about it, to which I replied, “I figured yelping and saying 'Ow' would get the message across just fine.” Obviously, I was wrong.\
*rubs scalp*\
I didn't make it to Craft Day out in Greensburg, but it's probably just as well. I'm in such a bad mood from lack of sleep that I don't think I would make a very good impression…actually I don't even know why I'm still awake. I need to rest, since tomorrow the boyfriend, his mom, and I are going to see The Nutcracker tomorrow. Ugh.

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