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I had a job interview today. I didn't mention it on here because I didn't want to jinx it. It's a basic office position at CMU.\
-It's part-time, so I'll still be able to spend plenty of time with the baby (because, honestly the thought of only seeing him a few hours a day, five days a week was really tearing me up inside).\
-I'll be able to more or less set my own hours, so I'll be able to work out child care with the boyfriend and his schedule. No day care to fuck with! Woo!\
-The pay is pretty decent.\
-I still get full health benefits, as does the baby.\
-It's easy work.\
-It's in the English Department, so I can make plenty of grammar jokes without getting “I hate you” looks.\
-There's a great little reading room next to the main office. I'll be able to hang out in there and read during my breaks and stuff.\
-Dress is casual.\
-The people are nice.\
-I still get free classes.\
-It'll be a big boost to my resume.\
-I'll still be able to free-lance. (I fully realize the need for the boyfriend and I to become financially stable for the sake of our child, but I could feel my heart yelling “sell-out!” whenever I would look at a job listing that I knew would leave me no time for writing. I'm not saying that financially stability is no longer one of our goals due to my desire to write, it's just not going to come as easily for us.)\
-I don't have to wear an apron or a bowtie or memorize a list of daily specials.\
-There is no laundry involved.\
-I will be in Oakland, which I've missed terribly since graduating college.\
-It's a short bus ride to and from my house.\
-They have some hot computers.\
-The whole campus is wireless. Yes!\
-I'll still be pretty poor, since it's only part-time.\
-It's not the most exciting job ever.\
-I won't have my own desk/office. I want my own desk and office so bad I can feel it, but I can wait.\
As you can see, the pros far outweigh the cons. This isn't something that I plan on doing forever, but I think it will be a really great step forward.\
Anyway, the interview went well and I got the impression that they liked me. The receptionist seemed to really be pulling for me. They sprung a computer literacy pop quiz on me which I handled no sweat. They said it was to see how I would react to some unexpected assignment. I'm not sure what they expected me to do…run crying from the room? They were pretty straightforward during the interview but did ask a few of those annoying, subliminal, mindfuck, potentially tricky interview questions, such as, “How do you feel about communication?” “What are your privacy needs?” and “What do you expect in a workplace?”\
I was blushing furiously the entire time.\
So, yeah, this would definitely be a good thing. I should find out next week whether or not I got the job so I need all of you to keep your fingers crossed.

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