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I had a nightmare last night about suburban sprawl. I was at some event and the prize was a monster truck. I was waiting outside after the event was over and watched as the pulled the monster truck into the parking lot for the winner, who was this guy that looked a lot like this kid that I went to high school with but never really knew. However, instead of a monster truck they hauled in some huge luxury SUV. At some point, I received a phone call telling me that I had won $2 billion, but I didn't seem to phased by that. Suddenly, as the SUV was being driven out of the parking lot, I found myself within a sort of Discovery Channel-type documentary. I was being transported through the surrounding areas, which, when I had entered the building where the event was being held was half bustling cultural urban space and half unspoiled nature. At some point in the past hour or so, all of that had been levelled and replaced with huge McMansions, completely devoid of character. They all looked exactly the same and became closer and closer together. They hadn't bothered to plant any grass or trees, so it was just dirt and rocks all over the place. A voiceover was telling me about the swelling population and how people have no regard for each other anymore or what effects their actions have on the rest of the world. It talked about the rate of consumption and how we throw everything away without a thought of where it goes. It told me about racism and how it's getting worse with every generation, but with smoke and mirrors we assume that everything's getting better. It told me about how there are people around me who will always hate me because I am a woman and a mother. The sky was broken and dark and I could tell that the sun was never going to shine again. All around me, people marched around thoughtless saying, “Yes, but my house is very nice. Just look at the closet space! It has a two-car garage!”\
Basically, all of the stuff that I bitch about offline. It was a pretty disturbing dream. Why can't I just dream about flying or being naked in a public place, for fuck's sake?

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