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The baby is upstairs in his crib and I'm down here. I'm hoping that he'll take a nap. Mostly I just needed a moment to collect myself and eat something because I was beyond starved. came over today and we took a jaunt down to Butler St. to do some Christmas shopping. I really like how, whenever I sing the praises of certain shops/shopping districts on places like Live Journal, and then I go to shop at them and they do something stupid. I wanted to go to three places: Awakening of the Senses, which opened at 11, Swoon Antiques, which opened at 10, and Jay Designs which opened at 11. We got down to the Butler St. around 11:45, walked up to Awakening of the Senses, it's not open. Go to Swoon Antiques, it's not open, either. Thankfully, Jay Designs was open and I got a ton of cute stuff to give to my ladies, but there was one thing I definitely wanted to get for my mom at Awakening, so I'm wanting to know what the fuck was up with not being open when you're supposed to be. Anyway, I'm saying still support these independent businesses, but if they're closed when they should be open…leave an angry note and threaten to go to Wal Mart or something.\
After Jay Design we went to Emma's and had some hot drinks, but then had to rush up to the house so that the boyfriend could go to work and we could take the baby to the doctor's. He's had this bad runny nose since the beginning of the week and I was worried that he had a sinus infection (he doesn't). Now we're home and my belly's full, so that's good. But I think when I have those huge fluctuations in blood sugar levels it messes with my mood. (I'm not diabetic or anything but you know how when you don't eat for awhile your blood sugar just gets low…) See, cause, now I'm all depressed and I don't know why. Many of my friends are depressed or otherwise mopey right now, so maybe I'm just trying to follow a trend or something. So, yeah, quit being depressed, guys, you're dragging me down! ;-)\
I'm going to go check on the bairn and then I might possibly be back.

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