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yawn burp

The boyfriend brought home some muffins, so I just scarfed down a big lemon poppyseed monstrosity because I was a tad famished. It hasn't kicked in yet, though.\
I went to the Pitt basketball game tonight with Jwan, which was fun. I'm no sports nut, but I find that occasionally actually going out to watch a game is pretty enjoyable…and it goes much quicker than trying to watch it on TV. I drove us home, which was a little nerve-wracking since I hadn't driven since August. Oh, by the way, that really irritating woman driver who's going way too slow? That's me. For now, anyway. Just have to be cautious.\
I was going to wrap gifts today but never got around to it. Ergh.\
The boyfriend and his sister went out to the mall today to do some Christmas shopping. Apparently I am getting many, many DVDs this year, which is cool. However, my movie viewing is a little backed up at the moment. I have a couple of DVDs from my birthday still waiting to be viewed.\
This post will only become more random.\
Last night at the LUPEC thingy, I was sitting at the bar waiting in my tiara for my cocktail. The drag queen to my left said, cheekily, “Hey, I like your tiara.” I said, “Oh, and yours is lovely as well.” Then she started quipping about how she was a little shocked to see so many tiaras out that evening. I tried to make a hipstery joke about their ubiquity and said, “Yes, they're like trucker caps for the glamour set.” For some reason, that pissed her off since she abruptly stopped speaking to me. I don't get it. I thought it was pretty funny. Sigh…queens.\
I think I need to sleep and pack that lemon poppyseed muffin onto my backside.\

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