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The baby's still asleep so I'm sneaking in an entry in case I don't get a chance the rest of today.\
Last night, I invited , , and over to my house so that I could give them their presents. As the week gets busier, there's no telling when I'll see them next. I gave Cristina these yummy smelling homemade soaps and some sock monkey notecards from Jay Designs. I gave Cara some fingerless gloves from Urban Outfitters, so now she'll be the coolest girl in town since we don't have a bricks-and-mortar UO here. Gotta hit up the online store (although, really, lately I've been thinking it's no big loss). I gave Frank this really goofy soap from Jay Designs that is in the shape of a jello salad mold with chunks of mysterious fruit-looking stuff in it and everything. It came on this little plate with a doily and it might just be one of my most favorite gifts ever. Originally, I had a better and more appropriate gift idea for him but the only chance that I had to go to this particular store they weren't open (what is it with my Christmas shopping plans being thwarted by independent business owners?). Hence, the jello salad soap. It's a quirky gift, yes, but he's a quirky fellow, so I think it worked out in the end.\
Cristina gave the boyfriend and me a DJ Skribble Drum and Bass Spinhead, which has to be one of the funniest things I've ever seen. His head works like a joystick and for every different direction you turn it, a different sound or phrase is heard. He says really goofy things like, “CYBERTRONIC” and “DJ gonna make you MOVE.” He also carries a glowstick and has his labret pierced. It also comes with DJ Skribble's Club Terms Dictionary and a little fact sheet about drum and bass. I could have died. Cristina gave the baby this little shirt that says “I like green eggs and ham!” on it. The baby was quite impressed since that particular Dr. Seuss book is one of his all-time favorites.\
The four of us spent a few minutes playing with Legos and talking about various goofy things…mostly the Internet, since we're dorks. It was very nice since I hadn't seen any of those kids in weeks. Then I had to kick them out so that I could put the baby to bed.\
My kid went to bed pretty easily but around 2 a.m. he woke up crying and with some bad chest congestion and a cough. I picked him up, changed his diaper and patted his back for awhile. My mom got up to help me set up the humidifier and to put some VapoRub on his chest. He fell back to sleep pretty quickly. Hopefully, this will clear up soon since being sick over Christmas would be suck-ass. I checked in his developmental book for croup but I don't think he has that. His cough didn't sound weird enough.\
The boyfriend didn't get home until 3 because he was out in Brookline helping silkscreen tshirts. He's been out late every night for the past week, which is fine but we really haven't had any one-on-one time in a long while. I'm really starting to miss him and I think the baby does, too. His friends don't have kids so I don't think they realize that him not being here for bedtime and stuff is kind of a big deal so they convince him to stay out all night (although I'm sure his arm isn't being twisted too hard). Terds.\
Today I have to go to CMU to pick up my offer letter from the English Department and prove to them that I'm not an illegal alien. I'm hoping that only consists of signing some papers and not some bizarre INS ritual involving the American flag and a fraternity paddle. I also have two gifts that I'm trying to get today, one for my mom and one for my dad.\
I got relatively little sleep last night but I'm suprisingly chipper. Let's see how long that lasts.

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