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My stomach's upset for some reason and thankfully the baby went down for a nap with little to no fuss. I'm just lying in bed trying to get my mind off of it but people keep calling here for no good goddamned reason. I put us on the Do Not Call list last month but it said it wouldn't take effect until January or something. Now it seems we get twice the calls we got before. The last one was just a recording saying, “This is so-and-so, your former book club. We are sorry that we don't have an agent available to talk to you during this telemarketing call–” So why fucking call? My mom and grandmother keep calling about…I don't even know. For my mom, especially, Christmas seems to be such a chore. bah.\
I went to CMU earlier to pick up my offer letter, which was very nice and said how they were all looking forward to me coming to work there. My bosses are so so nice and I'm actually really excited to go to work there. They're also going to be paying me more than I thought so that rules. Another thing I realized today is that I will have access to all of CMU's facilities, like the gym and the pool and whatnot.\
I'm watching the baby show on TLC at the moment and the mom that they're profiling seems like a total pain in the ass. Instead of having a shower, she threw herself a baby party. All of her girlfriends and their six zillion kids came to her suburban home that looks like every other house in their cul-de-sac. Then she keeps yelling at the kids to be quiet and listen to her as she reads “thoughts on having a new baby” and blahblahblah and the kids are like, “shut up, we're playing with fingerpaint.” She's also eight months pregnant and wearing regular jeans and a belt. Wouldn't that be really fucking uncomfortable? I mean, you just sort of get to a point where you don't want any pressure on that part of your body. Join the team and wear the maternity jeans with the big-ass panel in the front, lady!\

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