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I stayed up pretty late last night wrapping presents and watching Adaptation. with the boyfriend. My mom came in several times to scold me for not doing a zillion things around the house during the day, even though I kept reminding her that I had been feeling sick all day. Then she berated me for getting sick around Christmas. Like I plan these things just to piss her off.\
Anyway, the baby woke up congested and crying around 4:30 and I was just completely befuddled. I changed his diaper, patted his back and gave him more VapoRub then just sort of collapsed into my mom's bed with him in the exhausted hope that he would just go back to sleep. I kept drifting off but he was pretty wide awake and kept talking to me. I felt bad because he was being so sweet, leaning over to give me kisses and touching my face and saying, “Mum, pretty face.” I was just delerious at that point. My mom got up and went to rock with him in his room and I kept having those half-awake dreams where I would dream that I was up and putting the baby to bed. Then I would completely wake up and realize that I was still in bed. It was so confusing and I felt bad that my mom was taking care of the baby but I was just really bushed. I ended up sleeping the rest of the night in there. Earlier this morning I got up thinking that I would curl up with the boyfriend but when I got into our room he was completely spread out and somehow taking up the whole bed. And farting. I thought, “Wow, he really missed sleeping with me,” and just grabbed the laptop and headed down to the kitchen. Upon sitting at the kitchen table I discovered two things.\
1) we don't have any coffee cream or good breakfast stuff\
2) my email isn't working! (*@#&(*&(@*&#(@*&(#&(&!@(*&$^#*@($&*$*@&^#$@%&*^*!\
I foresee my email remaining down until next week what with the holiday and the weekend coming up and I want to find the nearest Santa and punch him.\
My grandmother gave the baby this plush Cat in the Hat doll for his birthday. When you press his hand he says one of several phrases from the movie (barf). I just heard, “Why I'm the Cat in the Hat, there's no doubt about that!” so I guess my little one's stirring. Later.

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