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I'm finally home. Thank dog. The baby is in bed and I have the house to myself for a little bit. The boyfriend drove my cousin home because I guess she overindulged in the alcoholic beverages at my grandmother's house. My mom left a little bit ago to go pick him up. They're not back yet so I'm assuming they stopped into my cousin's house to bullshit.\
This was a very fine Christmas. The baby got a ton of cool stuff to add to the ton of cool stuff that he got for his birthday three weeks ago. I got many cool things…although all of them are slipping my mind at the moment. I suppose I should mention that gave the boyfriend, the baby, and me the tshirts that she silkscreened herself. They say “trite (trIt): not fresh or original”\
The witty part is that she gave them to a bunch of her friends, too. So there are going to be a bunch of dorks running around Pittsburgh with these tshirts on. Watch for us.\
Last night we went out to Brookline to spend Christmas Eve with the boyfriend's family. I guess they started doing this when I wormed my way into the family, but I think it works out nicely. The boyfriend's aunt and uncle were over…smoking in the house. Grr. But, as usual, I wasn't trying to start drama so I kept my mouth shut. We only see them like twice a year. I know that's no excuse but whatever, it's not the issue at hand. The boyfriend's grandmother, Nunnie, made ravioli for a dinner but the boyfriend, my dad and I had gone to Tram's for lunch and were still stuffed. We opened presents and the baby got lots of cool stuff, including plenty of tracks and engines for his Brio train set. The boyfriend and the baby actually got into a small fight over who was going to play with it and how, while I sat rolling my eyes and wondering, “Who's the toddler in this situation?” The baby was tired and not feeling so great so several meltdowns occurred, but overall it was a nice evening.\
When we got home I put the baby to bed and snuggled into bed to watch one of our new movies. The boyfriend's mother, in what appears to be a new Christmas tradition since it's the second year that she's done this, gave us a case of beer. It's a sampler of all of these imported dark beers that sound really yummy. My plan was to eat candy and drink a bottle of this stuff called Young's Winter Warmer, however, the thought of that beer sitting in my stomach all night made me feel immediately sluggish so I decided to abstain. The boyfriend, however, plowed ahead. Halfway through the movie, and about 3/4 of the way through the beer, he stood up to get under the covers. He sat back down, laughed, looked at me with crooked eyes and said, “Wooo, I think that beer went to the dome.” I fell asleep soon after while he stayed up tipsily playing Tony Hawk's Underground, which his mom gave him (I should really send her a thank you note for that, because I will be thoroughly ignored for the next few months. argh).\
We woke up pretty early this morning and got right to opening presents. Then we slowly started to get ready to go to my grandmother's. Now, I am at a weird size right now and don't have many clothes that fit…certainly nothing festive or Christmasy (sadly, my collection of fugly applique sweaters are too large. weep.). I decided to go for comfort and just threw on a black sweater and jeans. My mom insisted that I at least put on some black slacks, but that the sweater was fine. I did so, and she said, “You're dressed in all black! You look like you're going to a funeral!” Then she started picking apart the boyfriend's outfit and sent him upstairs to shave. I put a pair of red earrings on and yelled, “Christmas will still happen no matter what we're wearing!” I must admit, I looked painfully postmodern showing up for Christmas dinner in all black.\
We finally left and headed for my grandparents' where much excellent food and drink was consumed. More presents, you know the deal.\
After a few hours we headed out to Penn Hills to visit the boyfriend's aunt/cousin/person (the relation was never made clear to me) and participated in another holiday tradition: getting lost on the way there. More food, a present for the baby, and some more beverage.\
I must say that I am full to the point of bursting but am still eyeing a bag of candy that is sitting across from me.\
All in all, with everyone in generally good health, a new, highly awaited job coming up, my gorgeous son being so awesome, and having plenty of good conversation today, this has been an excellent Christmas.

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