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Ah, Sunday

It’s rainy here today. Shocking, I know.

I’m coming down off of a burst of energy that was stopped in its tracks by my lunch. Jwan tipped me off to this new place in the Strip, Big Mama’s House of Soul. My mom and I stopped there last night for take out. It’s goooooood. I got a fish dinner with greens and macaroni and cheese and a big hunk of cornbread. It seemed like I was eating for a good long while but when I went to heat up my leftovers a little bit ago, I realized that I hadn’t even made a dent. Two big meals worth of outrageously delicious soul food for under $10? Rad. Also, the place is decked out in Steelers paraphernalia and pictures of Bill Cowher and Mike Tomlin adorn the walls. The woman who owns the place wasn’t there so her kids were running things. They got a little busy while we were there and when I pointed out that they had forgotten the husband’s ribs they kind of freaked out and started yelling at each other in that way that only unsupervised siblings can. “I’m telling Mama that you messed up the orders!”

Anyway, prior to the soul food road block, I had grand plans to attempt to organize the attic. Not surprisingly, the room that is not the husband’s studio is a wasteland of boxes. We have grand visions of putting the Sega Dreamcast and the old Nintendo systems up there and creating an Old School Video Game Room. I’d also like to clear enough space so I can do some yoga or some shit.

Also, I went to Target yesterday and procured some awesome kitchen gadgets: a meat thermometer, because Alton Brown said so, a vegetable scrubber, because potatoes scoff at my barehanded scrubbing attempts, and a citrus juicer, because Jen showed me hers and I’ve had to have one ever since.

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