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I am NOT going to whine about how hot and humid it is, because many before me have done that. But I will say that the one detail that I am having the most amount of trouble dealing with is when the crooks of my elbows get all sticky and bending my arms results in those spaces sticking together and then peeling apart whenever I extend my arms.

It’s slowly killing me inside.

I’ve been thinking about stuff lately and I’ve noticed that in the past couple of months the thing that I’m having the most trouble with, mentally, is how intense every emotion I have is. I don’t just get irritated, I become furious. I am never just pleased, I’m deliriously happy. I’m never just kind of bummed, I’m abysmal. If I get too many phone calls in a row at work, I’m ready to kill someone. If I get my act together for five minutes and get something accomplished, I’m ready to throw a party. If I screw something up, I’m ready to do myself in. It’s exhausting. The other major problem that I’m having is my tendency to be scatterbrained. I don’t think it’s terribly surprising that I’ve had more trouble keeping track of things since I started taking grad classes on top of everything else, but it’s almost like I have two brains instead of two hemispheres working together. And the one brain is constantly binge drinking and then waking up three days later with its underwear in its pocket and wondering how it got to Idaho.


Well, I’m going to walk to Craig Street to get some Weeds DVDs from Dreaming Ant. Hopefully I will not perish from either the heat or my brain forgetting how to safely cross the street. Edit: Nevermind. Monsoon ahoy.

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  • I can relate to those mood swings. Last week when driving to work I wanted to burst into tears because I didn’t want to go and then a little while later I was as happy as could be sitting my terrible half-cube listening to CDs and sipping a vanilla coke.

    Its ridiculous!

    Sometimes I think I should be (further) medicated!

  • well, I’ve found that vanilla coke does tend to make everything feel better…

  • any coke in general makes things bett…….oh, wait….nevermind. wrong topic.

    (yes, i’m joking. i don’t get down like that…just couldn’t resist.)

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