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My co-workers and I went to Phipps Conservatory today to see the Chihuly exhibit. It was a field trip for grown-ups basically. It was really very lovely and I realized that Phipps is actually quite relaxing if you don’t have to chase after your kid (no offense, dude, but I still have nightmares about our visit there last year when you were having “a time” and ran past all of the expensive, breakable stuff in the gift shop). Since I’m so close to stuff like Phipps and the museums, I should really make a date with myself to just go check out some art every now and then.

I put a post up about this on MamaPop, but I was delighted this morning to read a post from Lee alerting me to the existence of a new Michel Gondry movie. Eeeee! I’m so excited for this! Gondry’s brand of goofy just speaks right to my soul. Though so does Judd Apatow’s which seems like it might make a weird intersection in my brain. Anyway, Mos Def might just be one of my favorite actors. He was awesome in Bamboozled and The Hitchhiker’s Guide to Galaxy and looking at his imdb page I’m realizing that I’ve seen him in quite a few things that were equally rad. Of course, who can forget his tour-de-force as the Black Head of the CIA.

I got it wrapped up in this special CIA napkin!

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