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Why you do me like that, HBO?

Last night, MikeBee and Missy came over for a little visit and noticed that HBO was replaying the season finale of John from Cincinnati. They mentioned that they had just watched it and found it weird but really intriguing. I said, “Yeah, I really like it. I don’t understand what’s going on but it’s still pretty great. But I just know that they’re going to cancel it so I’ll be like ‘eh! Aw!'” indicating that they’ll leave me hanging with a bunch of interesting loose ends and no hope of any resolution, much like when they cancelled Carnivale after two seasons even though it was totally fascinating.

A few hours ago, Mike and I had the following conversation via text message while he and Missy were on their flight back home to San Francisco:

Me: They cancelled John from Cincinnati. ARGH. I knew this would happen.
Mike: ROFFLE. I am sitting on the plane LOLing right now…
Me: I am cursed with psychic powers. Why must I be so prophetic?
Mike: You’re “Kelly from Pittsburgh”
Me: Meet the Jetsons
Mike: ROFFLE I don’t know Kelly instead

Sigh. I’m bummed. I really liked the show. Indeed, it was very weird and it was never clear what was going on, but the overall spiritual theme of it was really pulling me in and all of the actors in it were amazing. There was also this one scene in the episode from a couple of weeks ago in which all of the main characters are drawn to this impromptu barbecue at the motel and John has this long monologue. It was really beautiful and theatrical. And the scene in the second (third?) episode when the doctor tells Cissy and Mitch about Shaun’s accident was so totally heartwrenching. Rebecca de Mornay’s performance killed me.

Farewell, John from Cincinnati. You were swell!

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  • Goose

    Totally bummed about this. Mike sent me a text about it while at the airport. I couldn’t quite explain why I was so pulled into this series… moreso than I was to watch the Sopranos. Nonetheless I feel your pain and completely agree that finally HBO was working with very good cinema which was chosen to be cut because their viewers didn’t get it. I am disappointed and now really just left with Entourage to watch (haven’t got into Big Love like others ) for my $10 a month or whatever rediculous surcharge is added.

  • HBO really seems to be playing it way too safe and is less likely to take risks and invest in shows over the long term. Shows like JFC and Carnivale need to develop over more than one or two seasons and now that they seem to have hit their groove with more universally appealing shows like Sopranos and Big Love, the more offbeat shows don’t stand a chance.

  • Goose

    It’s the network trend. The only network that really sticks with its original programming nowadays that I have noticed is FX. The only show they canceled in the last couple years that I was disappointed in was “Over There.” More so because I think the decision to cancel it was politically driven, not ratings driven because I knew quite a few people that watched the show.

    The other shows they canceled that I tried to watch but weren’t very good IMHO were “Lucky”, “Starved”, and the Orlando Jones Talk show.

    Meanwhile, they have my favorite show, “The Shield”, “The Riches” [OMFG EDDIE IZZARD], “Rescue Me”, “Nip/Tuck”, the new show “Damages” which I have been TiVo’ing but have yet to start watching, “Dirt”, “It’s always sunny in Philadelphia”, and they tried a different twist on reality television with “Black / White”…

    Which has me wondering… why is FX included with my cable, but I have to pay to be let down by HBO (and Showtime – but not nearly as much – I really miss “Dead Like Me” and even though they’re making a movie, it wont be the same without Mandy Patinkin)?

  • We just got DVR so I’m going to be able to watch more network shows. My schedule gets crazy so I had a hard time keeping up with stuff that wasn’t available on OnDemand. I love the Riches but I feel like nobody watches it. We also just got Showtime so I’m not obsessed with Weeds and was intrigued by that new show Californication. I’m also excited to check out Dexter and The Tudors and to get caught up on The L Word.

  • *now* obsessed with Weeds, rather

  • Goose

    Showtime has kept me pretty content with only paying attention to 2 series… Weeds and Huff. It would be worth catching up on before the season if you get a chance… pretty much every single character in Huff is dysfunctional, and not just slightly dysfunctional, but more like real life dysfunctional :)

    DVR definitely opens up watching commercial television. I think there are a lot of people that watch the Riches, but I just dont think it hit’s the Pittsburgh demographic, which is why you might feel the way you do. I know it’s been a hit in a lot of the larger metro areas, which is why from the 2nd to ~5th show of this season they always had the longest “lead-in’s” with saying “previously on the Riches…” where they damn near recapped the season up to that point because so many people were starting to watch it from hearing the buzz. Minne Driver and Eddie Izzard will probably be up for some serious awards this winter…

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