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Around 3:30 this morning, I was jolted awake by a gigantic thunderstorm. It seemed to be one of summer’s last hurrahs and was completely unapologetic about the shocking brightness of its lightning or the magnitude of its thunder. The baby crawled into bed with me just as I’m sure hundreds of other babies sharing our weather did the same. We held each other as the rained pounded down and it sounded like it was in the room with us. The wind howled so fiercely that I was sure it was a banshee warning me of horrible events to come. The thunder shook the house and made the baby gasp.

After a good half hour of this performance, the storm settled and the baby started to twist and turn. The husband told him to go back to bed, since our little full-size bed is barely big enough for the two of us, let alone a squirmy kid. I couldn’t go back to sleep so I went downstairs and tooled around on the computer for a little while. Just me. In the dark. And no one is online at that time of night so it really compounded the loneliness that I’ve been feeling.

I finally retired back to bed and drifted somewhere between nightmares and wakefulness.

Life is bumming me out.

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