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There are crappy days, and there are really horrible days. Then there are the days in between, days like today, that you know you’ll survive but they’re pretty awful in the meantime.

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  • arrgh. would some x’s and o’s help?


  • Things could be worse, you could have just entered a plea bargain for your involvement in a dogfighting ring, thus giving up your professional career that paid you millions of dollars to toss around the skin from a pig.

    But yes, those days stink. I find myself doing less and less on those days as they progressively get worse. kind of like biding your time cause you know if you wait long enough, things have to get better… right?

  • Or you could have received a rejection email from a job you thought you had, a week and a half after they hired someone else. Then, you could note that your unemployment benefits will be running out shortly. And then your boyfriend could tell you that he’ll be moving to San Francisco in three weeks, which happens to be your birthday. I’ll stop crying at some point.

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