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Hurricanes, large and small

Our buddy Matt has a pretty great post up about his two-year-anniversary trip to New Orleans. I recommend reading it and also checking out his pictures on flickr. One disclaimer: Matt is, uh, not a Republican. If you are, his post might piss you off. Well, the situation surrounding his post SHOULD piss everyone off, but everyone has different motivations for their pissiness.

We went to the baby’s school last night for a Meet & Greet. I think I signed up for the PTO. I’m not sure. But we got to see his classroom and his locker and meet his teacher. I have such a good feeling about the school. Most importantly, the baby really liked it and didn’t even want to leave when it was time to go. I managed to hold back my cries of “HA! THAT’LL CHANGE! WELCOME TO THE NEXT 12+ YEARS OF YOUR LIFE, KID!” and merely snorted at him. But everyone there seems cool and his classroom is the cutest damn thing I’ve ever seen.

There was one family there that squicked me out. The dad had a Larry the Cable Guy hat with a confederate flag on it. Now, I’m not implying that Larry the Cable Guy fans are automatically racist, though I will state that I think that they have terrible taste in comedy and delight in giving money to someone who is basically mocking his audience. But the confederate flag tattoo on his arm gave me pause. The mom, who my husband said bore a slight resemblance to Marilyn Manson, yelled at her three kids, the oldest of which was maybe 7 and all of whom were rather obese. Now, I’m making snap judgments about these people, admittedly, but I have a feeling that we might not get along. Not to worry, though. At least I’m not the confederate-sympathizing moron sending my kids to a city school. Way to make yourself miserable.

Alright, enough being a bad, judgmental person. First week of classes is almost over and I am so relieved. I’m also supposed to weigh myself tomorrow, but we don’t have a scale at the house and I don’t trust the university to properly calibrate the gym scales…or maybe I’m still paranoid about the last time I did a short stint on Weight Watchers last year and in three weeks on the program gained six pounds according to the gym scales. It was around that point that I said, “Fuck it,” and started eating everything in sight. I guess I should have sought a second opinion. Oh, well. I find that periodically relinquishing control over one’s self is liberating, I just relinquished for too long. Or some shit.

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  • Dude, buy a cheap scale at the local hardware store or drug store or wherever and just go by what it says. It my not give your correct objective weight but it’ll be able to tell the difference between the subjective weight you are between one week and the next.

  • Hey there! If you were doing flex last time when you gained on program that could be your problem. I find that flex doesn’t work for me AT ALL. I tend to gain on it as well. (Honestly they don’t take enough consideration into how active or not active a person is when they figure the points.) Try The Core Plan this time. I’ve been on it 2 months and its working AMAZINGLY well. I’ve lost 40lbs in those 2 months. (I was scared SPITLESS to try Core but I LOVE It now)



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