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I am standing here beside myself

Wrote this last night

One week of the semester down, 15 more to go.

Man, I really wish I hadn’t just typed that out.

We had another trip to the baby’s new school today to do some developmental tests and whatnot. We also talked to the school nurse about his tree nut allergy and she seemed mildly freaked out. I am not concerned since I think the plan of attack is pretty simple. Check foods for tree nuts and avoid those that contain them. If he happens to ingest some, remain calm, administer Epipen, call 911. Or you can skip those first two steps and just call 911, especially since there’s a fire station with paramedics right across the street. In fact, you wouldn’t even need to call 911, just shout out the window. Eh, whatever.

I know I’ve said before that I’m excited for him to start school and all of those emotional, “Oh, my baby!” reasons still stand, but now I’m really excited because I’m hoping it will mean an end to this end-of-the-summer dementia he’s experiencing. He doesn’t have any playmates close by and it’s been tough getting together with any of his buddies, so he’s been pretty bored all summer. I feel bad about that, but there’s not a ton I can do about it. Consequently, he’s becoming quite the pain in the ass, whining constantly, throwing fits, picking fights with the cat. Stuff like that. He’s currently attempting to play Rayman’s Raving Rabbids on the Wii, despite the fact that it’s a little over his head. He’s obviously failing at all the games and then shouting at the TV. The husband is very helpfully talking on the phone. The cat is scratching the couch. I gave a hearty middle finger to the dishes in the sink.

We’re all sort of resigned to the suckiness of this time of year.

At least the weather was a little merciful today. Having to deal with 95 degree weather at this point is just obnoxious and I’m sick of sweating and being sticky and greasy.

But in less whiny news, the husband picked up a cheap copy of Short Circuit on DVD the other night. We watched it with the baby last night and today and the husband and I had both forgotten how amusing that flick is. And Ally Sheedy was so…squeaky.

And now today, after I had to abandon this post to difuse the Wii situation…

The husband had to go play records last night so I decided to watch The Devil Wears Prada. I had seen the end of it a couple of times, but wanted to watch it from the beginning and I knew the husband wasn’t into it. You know, that movie’s not too bad. I chuckled at the beginning when they contrasted Andy getting ready in the morning with the other glamazons. The unkempt hair, minimal makeup and comfort-over-style manner of dressing is so, so me. Meryl Streep really is frighteningly convincing as the evil boss and Emily Blunt was fantastic. I really think Anne Hathaway has a fantastic career ahead of her, so long as she can break out of the “she’s had to overcome so much…being brunette and all,” roles. Hollywood really needs to quit it with that shit. Coincidentally, both Emily Blunt and Anne Hathaway are starring in separate Jane Austen related movies.

I have some housework and an MAPW picnic to go to today. My mom and I are also heading out to buy the baby his school supplies. I’ve had two cups of Pleasant Morning Buzz and am feeling rather pleasantly buzzed.

I need a shower.

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  • Lee

    I tried to enjoy Devil Wears Prada, but it required a little too many leaps of faith. For example, I, the viewer, was expected to believe:

    a) that Anne Hathaway was “homey” even though she would look positively radiant in a paper sack during a hurricane;
    b) her boyfriend, Adrian Grenier–nay, any man–would leave that; maybe he just wanted to get back to “Entourage”
    c) Meryl Streep was the epitome of evil when the worst thing we saw her do was slam her coat down on Anne’s desk repeatedly during a montage. I never saw her as anything beyond indifferent or insensitive, but not the worst-boss-ever-from-the-anus-of-Beelzebub character I was expecting;
    d) Stanley Tucci has dignity playing every gay fashion designer stereotype known to man

    A little too much to swallow. … wait I have a penis, i’ve never seen “Devil Wears Prada.” Best ignore this whole conversation.

  • Summer boredom sucks! I combated it this year by just doing school all summer long, in little increments, which kept us all from walking outside to the overgrown rock garden and tossing pebbles at each other. It sounds worse than it really is…we did one or two lessons a day, enough to make them feel like they accomplished something so they could suitably run to the far corners of the house for their precious play time.

    But I still didn’t do the dishes every day. ^__^

    Good luck to your babe as he heads off to school!

  • Lee, totally agree that the movie was unlikely fluff, but hear me out. Streep’s character was terrifying not because she was wild and crazy, but because she was so cool and quiet. I’ve had teachers just like her and I still have nightmares about them. but I’m with you on Anne Hathaway. folks need to quit casting her as the ugly duckling simply because she’s not blonde and is a little more unusual in her beauty. she’s gorgeous no matter what. Have you seen Not Another Teen Movie? They spoof She’s All That in the beginning and the lead male whines about having to make over his friends’ choice of girl because, “She has glasses! And a ponytail! She’s wearing overalls!” Anne Hathaway is the victim of precisely this brand of nonsense.

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