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Velveeta casserole, 1949

I love mac and cheese, and I love tomatoes. Velveeta and I are cool and I’m perfectly happy to share the company of a hard-boiled egg or two. But all together in casserole format is just wrong. And what sick son of a bitch puts Velveeta on hard-boiled eggs? Right on the yolk like that. Post-war prosperity was a sick and twisted place it seems.

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  • I can’t fuck with Velveeta in the first place, it offends my gourmet and admittedly bourgeois sensibilities, but the pic alone reminds me why I don’t fuck with casseroles. Granted up until a few years ago I thought the very notion of a casserole was some type Caucasian phenomenon, that was until realized my world famous Mac and cheese is considered a casserole by some. It just tastes better because I know what I’m doing. Whoever, invented that green bean shit, needs to be dragged out into that middle of the street and beaten severely about the heads and shoulders with a blunt metal object, since throwing some random shit into a dish and baking at 350 degrees doesn’t always work out.

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