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Worst of all, we didn’t watch Weeds

Yesterday was one of those days that just didn’t work. The work day was fine, my class went well, etc. But when the husband and the baby picked me up from work, things went downhill.

We didn’t get to squeeze in our grocery shopping on Sunday so we headed toward the evil empire around 5:30. We, of course, got stuck in horrendous traffic and ended up arriving at Wal-Mart a good hour after we set off. Our actual shopping was fine, but we were in the check out line for almost an hour. There were maybe 3 lines open and none of them were moving. I commented that for the largest private employer in America, they sure didn’t seem to have anyone working there. When we finally got to a cashier, the woman in front of us was debating the price of some apples. The discrepancy was about 20 cents. Now, while I respect the rights of the consumer and don’t think we should just hand over money to a corporation like Wal-Mart when it’s not rightfully theirs, I think it’s really shitty to fight over 20 cents when there are 50 tired people behind you who just want to get their low-priced crap and go home. The woman sent her son to check on the price and didn’t seem to understand that the final price was going to be different because of these things called taxes. I desperately wished that I had a quarter handy so I could throw it at her and tell her to get the hell out of my way.

When we got home at 8 fucking 30, we had to face the following obstacles: groceries needed to be put away, the husband had homework, I had homework, the baby had homework, the baby needed a shower, Weeds was on at 10 (which might not seem important but I recap it for MamaPop so it’s my WORK, bitches), Californication was on at 10:30, none of us had eaten, and it was garbage night. Sigh. I put groceries away while the baby worked on his homework with the husband, who had run out of patience and rational behavior at that point and had taken on the task of whining at me until I could barely resist the urge to stab him with corn holders.

After all of that had been taken care of and the baby had been put to bed an hour and a half after he should have been, I sat down on the couch to do homework and discovered that I had pretty decent headache. I slogged through it but eventually had to go to bed at 11. The husband, still irritated, said, “Fine. Go to bed. This is not how I wanted this night to go.” Eh. Whatever, man. Nights like last night will happen when you have way too much going on in your life.

Despite sleeping almost 8 hours I was still so tired this morning. I really wish I could sleep less. It would make my life much more manageable.

Perhaps I should try some of that crystal meth everyone’s always raving about.

All of a sudden, it’s fall today. The air is crisp and cool. The leaves are showing a hint of color. And I am craving all things squash, soup, and pumpkin-flavored.

Also, it’s September 11th.

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  • alaina

    omg people who go off on me about anything less than a .50 cent discrepancy drive me completely bonkers! And I’m guessing you guys went to the Wal-mart in West Mifflin, ’cause my experiences there lately are pretty much the same. Have you noticed that all of their self-checkout lanes are 10 items or less now? Totally dumb. Also; I’ve thought about tryin’ out the meth, but it’s REALLY bad for the teeth!

  • crystal meth…raving….HA! i get it!!!

    the west mifflin walmart is god-awful. terrible. i refuse to go there.

    if you get a chance, try the robinson store…distance-wise it’s similar but you may save time cutting across into my neighborhood (greentree/scott twp) and cutting down into carnegie to hop on the parkway.

  • it would take at least double the time each way to go to robinson instead of west mifflin.

  • AP

    Sorry, but who was whining? Was it the baby or Tom?

    If the baby was whining, I expect that, he’s the baby.

    If Tom was whining, um, I expect that, he’s Tom.

    Nevermind. Sorry for asking.

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