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Somebody broke into our house early this morning. While we were upstairs. Sleeping.

When I was taking the baby downstairs this morning to get him some breakfast, I noticed that the light looked strange. Then I turned the corner and realized that the overhead light in the living room was on, which is odd because we normally just use a lamp in that room. When I finally got into the living room, I knew right away that something was wrong. The window was open. The ashtray from our front porch was sitting on the couch. The doors to our TV stand were open. It took me a second to figure out that my laptop and two big boxes of DVDs were gone.

I freaked out. Seriously. I’ve never been burglarized before, other than having my bike stolen when I lived in Richmond and was out of town. Oh and my tips were stolen from my waitressing apron once. Ugh, this is dredging up bad memories. But anyway, the thought that someone had been in our house, the house where my baby sleeps, just threw me over the edge. I screamed for the husband and we rushed around for a few minutes trying to get a handle on the situation. The baby was freaked out but mostly because we were and was most concerned that some of his DVDs were stolen. The trauma of the event did not have any effect on his verbal abilities as he continued to talk and talk and ask questions even in the midst of something like this. Heh.

Considering what they took, and the fact that they just grabbed light stuff that can be resold or pawned easily, we’re guessing it was just some desperate crackhead and that we’re not in any real danger. But we’re obviously still very upset and angry and freaked out. I mean, someone broke into our house while we were asleep upstairs. That shit’s not cool.

I took the baby to the bus stop and while we were waiting he said, “When we came downstairs and saw that someone broke in, I thought you were gonna barf.” “I did, too,” I told him.

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  • Oh my god. That is scary. I’m glad everyone’s ok.

  • Oh, your laptop! That bites! Upside, though, everyone’s OK. That’s the most important part. I think you’re absolutely right that it was someone just scrounging for some quick cash not trying to do any physical harm. Fuckers, though, total fuckers.

  • i’m freaked out FOR YOU. jesus, that’s fucked up. and scary. and i wish i were there to give you a hug and ply you with alcohol and stroke your hair. xoxoxo

  • Akiramich

    Wow that is scary. Im glad everyone is OK.

    Did you file a police report? And was there any personal info on your laptop [like links to a bank account or credit card]? If so you might want to contact them and tell them what has happened.

  • Fuck that sounds scary. I’m glad all of your people are okay, but that sounds fucking scary. I’m sorry, Kelly.

  • Yuck! I’ve had some recent experience with similar stuff, but never while we were at home. I’m sorry! That’s hard!

  • Man, I know full well that the feeling of knowing some stranger was in your house while you slept is way worse than having your shit stolen, though that part sucks too. I’m sorry that you know it too, now.

    I’ve said it before, but your kid is the fucking coolest.

  • Holy crap girl, I’m glad you’re all okay!

  • ncw

    its a terrible feeling, hope the unsettling feeling subsides soon, it’ll just take a little time.

    my aunt got burgled a few years ago, and its testament to her appalling taste in music that while they took out and examined her entire CD collection, they didn’t take a single one.

  • I’m so sorry! I know the feeling, somewhat. I was robbed, but luckily wasn’t home. Still, I’ll never forget coming home and realizing that someone had been in my house. And could come again. I slept with a knife under my pillow for weeks. The cops advice, “Get a dog.” But you are right: most likely an addict looking for something easy to pawn.

  • AP

    I stopped off at Tom’s site when I found about this.

    I’m glad everyone’s alright.

  • I’m so glad that you and your family are alright. I think I’d be freaked out for a long time.

    The only time I was burglarized was when I was home from college (years ago) and someone broke into my car and stole all of my cassette tapes. Yup, I’m that old.

    Take good care.

  • Hey Kelly! I’m so sorry to hear about that, but wanted to share with you that on september 21 at 10am someone broke in to our apartment in too and took my laptop and xbox, ps2, games n dvd. electronics n’shit. FUCK. the kids were ‘trying to sell stuff for their EMS class’ and talked to my neighbor downstairs. she had a full description of what they looked like and then they left their folder on my couch! the cops won’t do anything but my boyfriend is on a S&D mission. sorry to clog up your comment area, but that’s way too crazy it happened to us. i had to share. glad you are all safe and well :)

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