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You know what I watched last night for the second week in a row? Don’t Forget the Lyrics. It stars Wayne Brady, who I think I’m kind of in love with. Partially because he makes Bryant Gumbel look like Malcolm X, and partially because he makes little comments like, “The Isley Brothers, ‘For the Love of You’…all skate,” and nobody really catches them, but they’re great. The show itself is kind of stupid, but I get to scream stuff like, “WHY WOULD YOU PICK LIONEL RICHIE?” which is something that I don’t get to do nearly enough in life.

Thanks everyone for commenting the other day! There are way more lurkers than I thought, which is cool and also a little creepy, especially when I think of the people who didn’t take the invitation to delurk. For my part, I know that I slacked on commenting. Sorry about that. I’m a bad person, what can I say?

We have our parent-teacher conference with the baby’s teacher on Monday, which is just one of several things I dropped the ball on this week. On Monday he had a field trip, but I thought it was on Tuesday, so he was dressed in uniform even though he should have worn regular clothes. The kid he sits with on the bus informed us of my mistake. Meanwhile, Tuesday was picture day, which I totally forgot about. The kid he sits with on the bus informed us of that mistake, too. I’m thinking that kid needs to come live with me and keep me on top of stuff. I also missed the sign-up sheet for conferences, so I sheepishly emailed his teacher all, “I’m crazy busy. It’s amazing that I have pants on.” She was cool about it and even said we didn’t need to have a conference if we didn’t want to since the baby’s doing so well. That’s always nice to hear, but I need to talk to her anyway since the baby can “never remember” what he does during the day. I don’t know why he has to be so aloof. But he told us yesterday that some kid has been punching him during lunch, so we need to discuss that, for sure, despite the fact that one of his friends has been defending the baby. That’s awesome, but I’d rather the teachers be aware of that and put a stop to it.

This parenting stuff is hard.

Oh, well. Nothing much else to report, other than the really awesome news that our friend Ike passed the bar exam and is now a lawyer. Ike Jones, Esq.!

I am going to steal a cue from Angela and post a Friday Random Twenty, courtesy of the iPizzle.

1. “Like I Love You” – Justin Timberlake
2. “LDN” – Lily Allen
3. “Still On My Brain” – Justin Timberlake
4. “Fade” – Solu Music
5. “Glazed” – J Dilla
6. “Nomad” – Micatone
7. “Get By” – Talib Kweli
8. “F**k Wit Dre Day” – Dr. Dre
9. “Roberta Jean Machine” – Moodymann
10. “Innocence” – Bjork
11. “Cheers Darlin'” – Damien Rice
12. “Some Unholy War” – Amy Winehouse
13. “Climbing Up the Walls” – Radiohead
14. “Whisper in Your Ear” – Ying Yang Twins
15. “Cliffs” – Aphex Twin
16. “Sinning Hands” – Iron & Wine
17. “Apres Moi” – Regina Spektor
18. “This Is Why I’m Hot” – Mims
19. “Summer In the City” – Regina Spektor
20. “Anti-American Graffiti” – J Dilla

7 comments to Ahhh…Friday.

  • Oh, I missed the delurking, but I totally readja innat. (Did I say that right?)

  • mikebee

    do you think your new lawyer friend will enter the coutrtoom by saying IKE JONEZZZZ super loud and annoying to announce his presence?

  • very good, Amber!

    mikebee, he’d better if he ever wants to be welcome in my house again.

  • Akiramich

    I guess I’ll be the first to tell you–you only think your wearing pants. But the rest of us didnt want to be rude…

  • mikebee stole my question.

    and also…a couple years back, [wife] and i were having issues remembering when bills were due and stuff and things.

    we bought one of those big-ass desk calendars…the kind that are like big desk blotters…and since most of them have holes in the margin-thing at the top, we ran some string through and hung it in the kitchen.

    now, when shit needs done, it’s staring us in the face daily.

    it’s $5, but the value is much much higher.

  • [mark]’s solution may be superior to my solution – after missing ANOTHER meeting and feeling totally incompentent and humiliated, I ran over to Best Buy and dropped 100 bucks on a palm pilot that beeps to remind me of things.

    It’s been great, but the previously posted idea = cheaper and would allow the Husband to have a clue.

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