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At least the Yankees lost last night

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Check that out. The baby lost his second tooth on Friday. Also, pudding was consumed. Don’t know if you could tell. He lost it during school and told us about it when we picked him up. We got excited and said, “Oh, cool, let us see it!” And then the baby’s eyes kind of shifted and he said, “I left it at school.”


We were able to get it back yesterday since we were in for our parent teacher conference. It was a good meeting. He’s doing really well in school and excelling in math, which is wild since I’m Miss Two Plus Two Equals Kleenex. He’s also well-liked by all the kids. His teacher said that his morning entrance to school is akin to that of a rock star. “He must have inherited that from you!” she said to us, which was hysterical because while the husband had many friends but even more enemies, I was just kind of…Mary Katherine Gallagher.

After the conference we were imagining his future prom pictures. The baby stands, dashing, in front of the mantle with his gorgeous date then poses with his parents, who are, you know, these assholes:

Kelly 336 Kelly 337

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