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Happy Birthday, dear MamaPop

MamaPop turns one today. Hooray!

Also, I filled in for Lena to do the Friday Eye Candy. It was really grueling, scouring through pictures of shirtless men. I’m exhausted.

What are you doing this weekend? I think I’m going to do something really exciting, like go to a 6-year-old’s birthday party and then mainline Tylenol.

I have a bottle of wine, too. That should get me through the afternoon.

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  • What am I doing this weekend?

    -Speech homework
    -Freak out about first English essay
    -Start my CMU application
    -Go out with a friend to some event called Beauty Bar, where local salons and boutiques pimp their wares at the Nightlight Lounge, while offering free manis, updos, makeup and goodie bags, for $10 a head.
    -Going to the first bout of the Bellingham Roller Betties at the SportsPlex followed by after party again at the Nightlight.

    At some point I might sit on the couch for five minutes with the husband and play Lumines or cuddle, I hope.

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