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A detective called our house last night to get some more information on our break-in. I was on the phone with him trying to explain what an Aqua Teen Hunger Force is. The baby, of course, is never deterred by someone’s phone usage and continued talking to me despite the fact that I was waving my hand at him and scrunching up my face, which is obviously the international sign for “I’m on the phone. Shut up.”

The baby left the room for a few seconds and I was finally able to hear the detective, but he came back into the room, stark naked and holding a sock on his penis. “Look, Mum,” he said. “I’m going to pee in my sock!”

Later, I was playing with the cat and he accidentally clawed my arm. I heard the skin snap. It was most unpleasant.

Your WTF for the day: Hello Kitty Assault Rifle

Also, here’s a Friday Random Twenty:

1. “Second Chances” – Theo Parrish
2. “Finally” – Cece Peniston
3. Not sure, sounded like Justin Timberlake
4. “Declare Independence” – Bjork
5. “Shades of Jae” – Moodyman
6. “Wake Up Alone” – Amy Winehouse
7. “Beautiful” – Snoop Dogg
8. “Delicate” – Damien Rice
9. “Avril 14th” – Aphex Twin
10. “New Partner” – Palace Bros
11. “Say It Ain’t So” – Weezer
12. “Waves” – J Dilla
13. “Until the End of Time” – Justin Timberlake (channeling Prince)
14. “Wanderlust” – Bjork
15. “The Fake Anti Waltz” – The Slapped Eyeballers
16. “In the Garage” – Weezer
17. “What You Got” – Justin Timberlake
18. “From the Morning” – Nick Drake
19. “The Rink” – Theo Parrish
20. “Edit” – Regina Spektor

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