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Oh, hai.

Yes, it’s been a minute since I posted last. I’ve been busy and I feel like I say that waaaaaay too much. But, tis the truth.

The dudes* and I made our annual jaunt to Trax Farms on Sunday. It was a gorgeous day, though a little too warm and while we had the brilliant idea to go on that particular Sunday since the Steelers game didn’t start til 8, so did everyone else in the tri-county area.

I ran into a PhD student from my department there. We managed to chat for a full five minutes while we stood in line for the ladies’ room. During that time the dudes were in and out of the mens’ room and already standing outside getting irritated with me about the fact that women are built in such a way that it takes longer to go to the bathroom and that’s all my fault.

Anyway, I ran into the PhD student right after we had left the petting zoo and I had a fine coating of goat slobber all over me.

Yesterday I talked to her for a few minutes and she told me that two suburban moms got into it later in the afternoon. Something about a place in line. The velour sweatsuits were on fire and phrases like, “Bring it on, bitch!” ricocheted off the SUVs. The police showed up. I’m so bummed we missed it. Even though I’m pretty sure I fall squarely into the “city folk” category, I’m still so amused when urban and suburban people take a trip to the country and forget how to act. We think we’re so civilized and sophisticated compared to people in rural areas, but we’re so not.

Anyway, there are some pictures after ye olde jumpe…

102207 008

The baby conquered the pumpkins and mocked their fate with his jack-o-lantern smile.

102207 010

The husband sneered at me.

102207 011

Every year we take his picture next to this big pumpkin so we can marvel at his growth. But a few feet away from this big pumpkin, they have a “You’re Growing with Trax!” display with markings for feet. This is all wrong. You’re not supposed to have actual measurements for your child. You’re supposed to say stuff like, “You’re a droopy eye tall, honey!”

102207 019

Shining reenactment. In reverse. Or something.

102207 020

He frolicked in corn. I thought this was kind of gross actually.

102207 014

I yelled at him to NOT THROW HAY and all the other kids got the fear and stopped throwing hay, too. I think that makes me a bad mammajamma.

102207 023

He passed out holding his sketchbook, which he brought along so he could sketch scenes from the farm. Who is this kid?

Okay, one…no, two more that will serve two purposes.

102207 013

That’s me and the baby by the pumpkin. Duh. But this is also me about 13 pounds lighter than I was a few months ago. Weight Watchers is going well. For reference, this is me around the beginning of August:

072807 008

I can really see it in my face, which is making me pretty happy because my face was making me so sad. At this point, I was about 3 pounds away from my 9-months-pregnant weight…possibly even heavier since I was most certainly NOT weighing myself. I really didn’t want to know. But my face looked so swollen and I looked so unhappy. I can honestly say that I am really trying (and even succeeding sometimes) to not equate less weight with more happiness. But making one positive change in my life, which is to be healthier and let go of the goal of “skinny,” is helping so much. With everything going on, I’ve been really stressed and while I realize that the “the one thing I can control is my weight” mentality is the motto of Anorexia Central, I swear it’s not like that.

Anyway, enough Oprah talk. Mary brought me a vegan cupcake that is looking mighty yummy.

*The husband + the baby = the dudes

4 comments to Oh, hai.

  • mikebee

    oh man does that make me homesick. me & cris grew up not a 20 minute drive from there. shit, i could walk there from my middle school if i really wanted to. makes me want to go home RIGHT NOW and frolic in the leaves.

  • you’re not missing much, mike. it’s gray and raining and generally disgusting this week.

  • Your son appears to be doing the Vulcan Star Treck wave thingy in the 4th pic.

  • Hey, good for you with the WW thing. It does sound bad to say that thinner = happier but on some level it’s just true but probably it means that thinner = not having all the blood cut off from your brain by your waistband and that just LOOKS like happy.

    Your husband’s sneer is almost exactly like my ex-boyfriend’s sneer. Totally my favorite sneer of all time.

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