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On the phone with my mom earlier:

Mom: “I think the store over here has tea lights” *

Me: “No, they don’t, I was over there this morning.”

Mom: “Oh yeah?”

Me: “Yeah, I had to go buy cranberry juice because I got a UTI for my birthday.”

Mom: “Augh!”

Me: “And a stiff neck. Again. It’s like I just woke up OLD.”

Mom: “Wait til next year.”

Me: “Can’t friggin’ WAIT. I think I’m just going to start drinking now.”

Mom: “Well, that won’t cure your neck or anything.”

Me: “No, but I’ll be too drunk to notice.”

I’ve actually had a very nice day so far, aside from the pain in the various polar regions of my body. The folks at work gave me bagels, some flowers and a nice card and I’ve received so many happy birthday wishes today I could burst.

Tomorrow begins NaBloPoMo. I’m not feeling too optimistic about my chances of success, but we’ll see. Regardless, I’ll be kicking things off in grand style as I tell you about my trip to city court to testify against the *#!@)$#)( that broke into our house. It’s a kicker.

*We, of course, are not currently in possession of jack-o-lantern illumination devices.

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