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Court will have to wait…

…because I’m a little busy and that post deserves some detail.

I will tell you that Halloween was pretty rad. I’ll post some pictures tomorrow or something.

The baby looked cool but did have to clarify that he was Godzilla many times.

Trick-or-treating went much better this year. Last year he started whining about having to walk so much (the hell?) after about half a block, despite my cries of, “But dude! FREE CANDY!”

This year we covered more area, but he wouldn’t stick to the simple script of “Trick-or-treat” and “Thank you.” He kept saying stuff like, “What else do you have? Is it good? What’s in this? Can I have this instead?” Candy distributors were good-natured in the face of his interrogation and I give them much respect for that. I would have told him to get the hell off my lawn for disrespecting my candy.

4 comments to Court will have to wait…

  • Amber

    Can he even have most Halloween candy? I would think most chocolate-based stuff would be right out since most chocolate is made on machines that process tree nuts.

    Not trying to cause a anaphylactic-shock scare or anything.

  • it’s actually not too bad. most of the traditional favorites are safe, though Snickers “may contain almonds,” which just sucks so bad for him (but not for me).

  • I appreciate your laid back attitude considering I just read a post from a mom with a child with a peanut allergy who basically posted a big EFF YOU to all non-respecting the allergies candy hander-outers. And considering I handed out peanut butter cups, I was forced to quietly weep with shame.

  • peanut allergies are much tougher than tree nut allergies (which is what the baby has) since peanuts (or foods that have been processed near them) are so prevalent in most American food. if the rate of food allergies continues to rise how it has been, the general public will have to be more aware and food manufacturers will have to take it into consideration. right now they’re just not *that* common.

    it is weird to think that food allergies were practically unheard of 30 years ago and now they’re becoming more of a problem. nobody’s sure why, but I think it has to do with the use of chemicals in food or an environmental problem.

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