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Dying betta?

Okay, so, besides the fact that there’s a devilish looking cat staring him down, do you think our betta fish is dying?

110307 004

I guess it’s “dropsy.” Initially we thought there was no hope, but this site suggests that he might be treated. Erghhh. I’m afraid to move him or do anything because…well, I’m afraid he’ll explode or something.

Poor fishie.

While I fret over that, I will tell you that I’ve previously claimed that my favorite breakfast (maybe even my favorite meal) is a bagel, cream cheese, and a big ass coffee. I must revise that statement. My favorite breakfast is a sandwich consisting of a toasted bagel, fried egg, and a slice of bright orange American cheese…and a big ass coffee. And that is precisely what I made myself for breakfast this morning.

And God said, “Let there be bagel egg and cheese sandwiches and big ass cups of coffee,” and there were bagel, egg and cheese sandwiches and big ass cups of coffee. And it was good.

Genesis 1:5,348,478

It goes back to when I worked at this record store in college. Not a cool, indie record store, mind you. A corny, corporate one that, despite all the suggestions to the contrary, kept raising their prices as mp3s grew in popularity and is now defunct. Anyway, I used to have to open the store and set up for the day and would normally get everything done a good half hour before it was time to open. So I would go next door to Bruegger’s and get a bagel sandwich and a coffee. I would go back to the store, lock the door, put some Radiohead or some Miles Davis on, cuddle up on the floor behind the counter and chow down. Best job ever.

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  • I am in favor of such a breakfast, and the reasons for doing so. And I’m also in favor of a business that stupid going under. They should be open now only to pay you and provide you with reasons to get bagels and coffee.

    I do feel sorry for your fishie, but that picture so needs to be LOLCatted. “OMG I can has fishiez now??” Or perhaps better, “…SOON.”

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