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Xmess cards

One tradition that I’ve always been a sucker for is holiday cards. I’ve been sending out my own cards since I was about 16.* Now I am currently facing the dilemma of what kind of cards I want to send out this year and that’s good because it means I’m not procrastinating and it gives me something to think about other than, “Oh my god, what was I thinking going to grad school? I’m going to die.”

I was just telling Angela about all of this. I’m very tempted to have this picture turned into a card:


Then the inside would say something like, “Happy Holidays. Or whatever.” I took that of us at the beach last year and I think it’s very…us. Cranky. Squinty. Wearing hoodies. Messy hair. Eye bags. All of that. The only downfall, of course, is that the baby isn’t in it.

I’m such a sucker for pretty xmas cards that have like Walt Whitman and Robert Frost quotes in them and shit, though.

*At least that’s how I remember it. I could be totally making that up.

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  • If you have a picture of the baby making a similarly “whatever” face, you could always make a card that has one of the two pictures on the front and the other on the inside saying the caption above. I think that would be brilliant.

  • Yes! What Amber said! I see a happy regular pic of the Baby on the inside with the “or whatever”.

    This year I couldn’t choose between 2 images so I just had 2 types made up. It feels very decadent.

  • sonbanon

    Aw. See, I envy that. I feel all this pressure about holiday cards (and thousands of other little holiday things) that I just can’t get over.

    Not like you have oodles of time… but could the Baby make his own card with his own picture? Sounds like a way to keep someone busy some Saturday morning while Mommy naps nearby… depending on length of his attention span :)

  • A few years ago, I got a picture with Dusty Baker while he was the manager for the Cubs and made it my Xmas cards. And now it is like this running theme, me and famous sports stars. Which is not easy to do. This year it will be Jerry Rice. But next year, I may have to just turn into a groupie because it is not easy to keep this up!

  • I’m not sure what i make of this trend to send out pictures of your children as holiday cards. You know, those little post cards with the picture of the kids (sometimes taken in August, for god’s sake) and the imprint that reads “Happy Holidays, From The Smiths” (and not the group either).

    In true confessions form, I throw them away. Even if they are cute, and pictures of relatives. I love to hang the Currier and Ives cards all over the house, but I don’t want a collection of other people’s kids on my wall. Jerry Rice, on the other hand, might be ok.

  • that photo is awesome. “Merry Fuckin’ Christmas.”

  • My cards came in the mail today! They came out just the way I wanted them to. I am stupidly giddy with delight. Can’t wait to see what you decide to go with.

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