I’m trying to be all healthy and active and whatnot

I Read A Lot of Internets

Diet Dr. Pepper will have to do for now…

…but I think I deserve a Drink.

Today was stressful, but it’s over. Thank dog.

I’ve been meaning to mention that our fish did finally kick the bucket the other night. It happened some time on Tuesday night and the husband noticed that he had flitted off this mortal coil while I was putting the baby to bed. We briefly debated over whether or not to tell him right away, but figured that since the fish had some serious nastiness going on, leaving him in the tank for a day might result in some traumatizing unpleasantness. So we broke the news and had a quick little fish funeral. The baby wanted to be the one to actually flush the toilet so we let him do that. After the fish was finally gone, the baby started crying and, well, that was really sad.

My thoughts were all disjointed the next day and while I was gushing to a co-worker about the baby’s new reading skills, she asked me if I had given him any kind of present. I said, “Oh, well, his fish died right after so he got to flush him down the toilet.” Like that was his reward. Hi, I’m Mommie Dearest.

I seriously don’t know why I speak sometimes.

5 comments to Diet Dr. Pepper will have to do for now…

  • While I am very sad about your fishy and baby’s first experience with death, the last paragraph of this post made me laugh until I had tears streaming down my face.

    Being the one to flush the toilet is kind of like the fish funeral version of being the first to put dirt on the coffin, I guess. Poor the baby. Not to devalue the life of a fish, but it’s good at least that his first death experience was with a beta and not, say, a grandparent, or even Gredo. Cuz relatives and kitties dying is wicked rough.

  • Mary

    You know, when we finally go out for that cathartic drinking like we were going to do like a month ago after The Boyfriend became The Ex-Boyfriend, I will buy you a drink, as well.

    Also, sad for the fish. :(

    Also also, when I learned to read, my present was being able to read. I didn’t get doodley-squat. :)

  • Jenn Stoneking

    I never knew you were supposed to get presents once you learn to read.

    Aw. Sorry to hear about the fish and the corresponding sad baby.
    I don’t have much luck with fish. In fact, the past few I had I named flush, as that was their inevitable fate.

  • I’m with Jenn, who said you give presents for reading?? I read all day, no one’s dropping off a free bottle of wine at my house!

  • yeah, the “custom” of giving kids presents for learning how to read is new to me. I did give him a hug and gushed over how proud I was of him.

    Mary: only four more weeks until this semester is dead and in hell where it belongs. Then…we will get sloppy.

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