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I am totally addicted to Everyday Food and of course got all nerdily excited when the new issue showed up in my mailbox today and got even MORE nerdily excited when I saw the special holiday baking issue advertised. Of course, you have to either go to a newsstand and buy it or call the 800 number on the advertisement to order.

So I call…and the customer service rep has no idea what I’m talking about. Shouldn’t they be kept abreast of these things?

And before you think that this behavior indicates my Stepford qualities, let me assure you that my house is completely fucking gross right now…a reflection of its owner.

Edit: Oh my god, the hold music is a Muzak version of a Gin Blossoms song. This is depressing.

Edit edit: Seriously. The rep got back on the phone after five minutes on hold because she had to “consult a specialist” and then I got disconnected. Life sucks.

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