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I actually had a few blissful moments to myself this morning. The husband played records last night at Remedy in Lawrenceville, so the baby spent the night at my mother-in-law’s. The club was pretty fun, though the turnout was pretty pitiful. Does no one go out anymore?

The mother-in-law dropped me off at the club since the husband had to go earlier. When I got there, the bouncer asked me for my ID and then said, “Are you here for the comedy?” What? When I got upstairs there was, in fact, a stand up comedian performing and I was very, very confused. I stood there for a minute until I finally tiptoed to the back room where the pool table was and found the husband and our friend Tony and, most exciting of all, our friend Jonathan who recently moved back here from Colorado. I was so happy to see him, especially since we’ve been trying to get together for the past, like, two months with no success.

When the comedian was finally done, they got set up and started playing records. I was stationed by the door to collect the $2 cover charge, but that was…kind of a bust. No one was really showing up (a) and (b) everyone that came upstairs apparently worked at the bar. There were more bartenders than patrons. And when I managed to snag one actual patron and told him that it was $2, he asked me if I wanted to play pool. Another guy stumbled up the stairs and when I said, “Two dollars, please,” he replied, “I really need to stop smoking weed.” So, everyone there was either a bartender or mentally impaired in some way. Fun!

But the music was, of course, really great and I was so pleased to bullshit with Jonathan all night. We emo-ly comiserated that we have no friends and hate everyone, so it seems to be really good timing on his part to have moved back here.

Anyway, the husband and I slept waaaay in this morning and after he left for work, I snuggled onto the couch with my coffee and my laptop and turned the TV on. The mother-in-law dropped the baby off a few minutes ago and we’re watching Sleepless in Seattle, which the baby apparently really likes.

He is going out with my mom and dad in a little while and I am doing homework, laundry, homework, laundry, homework, homework, and uh, homework. So exciting! *dies*

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