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Makes my teeth white

I went to Student Health today for a UTI. I feel 19 again! Heh.

The husband and I watched a Paul Mooney stand-up special on Showtime last night. Oh my god. I was in tears, it was so funny. We saw him live a couple of years ago and I nearly peed myself. He’s hilarious…and insane. When we saw him he wore this military coat and a big hat with ear flaps the whole time.

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  • mooney is just f’ing VICIOUS. his act is rough for me to watch…because it makes me uncomfortable. and it SHOULD. i like that he challenges my thought process. i usually consider myself fairly enlightened…but damn.

    watching that clip, it’s unbelievable how ahead of his time he was working on pryor’s show…sandra bernhardt, robin williams, marsha warfield, john witherspoon…that’s a big time list of people.

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