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The baby has gotten better about letting me sleep in a little bit on the weekends. He’ll entertain himself by babbling in his bed, listening to music, playing in his room or just plopping on the couch to watch some TV.

The cat? Not so much. About 10 minutes after the baby went downstairs and I was well into a weird little dream about receiving drunken, incoherent gmail chats from Angela, the cat jumped up on me and started cooing and chirping and meowing in my face and sticking his cold nose into my ear. When that didn’t work, he started swatting at my head with his claws slightly extended, as if to say, “Betch, you better come correct with some Iam’s tout suite or I will cut you.”

We’re going to Akron today for a friend’s wedding. I was all excited about it but now I’m feeling worn out and lazy. Oh, well.

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