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Wherefore Mr. Pibb?

They discontinued Mr. Pibb? I did not know this, but then I never really kept tabs on the stuff. I’m a Coca-Cola purist and only recently have deviated from that paradigm because I suddenly developed an addiction to Diet Dr. Pepper out of nowhere. They also discontinued Josta, which is a total tragedy for…uh…the 14 people who ever drank it. I think John Cougar Mellencamp was one of them.

But, not to worry. I can still buy a case of Mr. Pibb for a little less than $600. Sweet! And Josta’s a bargain at $175 a six-pack.

Aside: who are these “they” I keep referring to? The Overlords of Pop? I know not.

Also: Crystal Pepsi Wall Clock. Want. Even though Crystal Gravy was superior.

Crystal Gravy

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