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Russell “Sad Sack” Terziak

Last night, after a delicious dinner of glorious leftovers, I really wanted to watch my traditional “Thanksgiving movie,” Home for the Holidays. I’ve met maybe about five people who have seen this movie and everyone agrees that it’s amazing and that they don’t know why it isn’t wildly popular. I guess that makes it a cult Thanksgiving movie? Odd.

Unfortunately, I soon realized that that particular DVD was one of the discs “liberated” from my living room back in September (thanks again, asshole!). Fail. But it will be on at 2:30 on Showtime. Now Thanksgiving is complete.

I saw a commercial today for Duncan Hines OvenReady Brownies, and that whole concept frightened me a little bit. Like, when are you ever in such desperate need of brownies that not even the box mixes are fast enough?

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  • Amie

    I love that movie! We used to watch it every Thanksgiving. So funny. And Claire. And “Never heard of him. Consult your directory.” So good!

    I wonder if my family is the only one that watches The Long Kiss Goodnight as a Christmas movie.

  • Alaina

    We have a box of ghirardelli brownie mix, and that stuff takes over 45 minutes to bake. It seems like a long time for just a brownie mix…so we used that brownie dough that you snap off. They’re little squares. My boyfriend loves those silly things. but yeah, I could probably make use of that oven ready brownie. I think I have a coupon for it!

  • yay Home for the Holidays fans!

    Alaina, that Ghirardelli brownie mix sounds like the shit. Did you get that here? At the Iggle?

  • I saw that commercial too, and it made me long for the days of duncan hines microwave brownies. Googling “microwave brownies” now comes up with a bunch of recipes for them, which, imho, completely defeats the purpose. If I am going to take the time and effort to gather, measure, and combine ingredients, I sure as hell have the time to preheat a regular old oven.

  • “I guess that makes it a cult Thanksgiving movie?”

    weird, but it totally is. my mom had never heard of it, andrea and i watched it with her last weekend. of course i fell asleep before the end. 😛

  • Julie

    “Par, par, bogey, bogey, par, par.”

    Love that movie.

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