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I now have a nosering again. I lost it at some point a few months ago during a particularly persistent head cold (and the ensuing nose-blowing) and then today I found it on the bathroom floor. I just don’t know what to make of that. It’s like it went exploring for a few months.

The hole had closed over just a tiny bit so I had to stick myself with a (sterilized) safety pin. It was very punk rock. I should have just left the safety pin in, eh? But I’m now re-pierced and sore.

Has there been any kind of study done to determine what one’s Amazon recommendations say about a person? I was just purchasing a few things for the baby’s birthday and the recommendations that came up after check out were pretty amusing: The Berenstain Bears and the Trouble with Chores, Transformers, and Eddie Izzard: Dress to Kill. Oddly enough, I just had a mini-breakdown over how DONE I am with housework and how I just don’t want to do it anymore and no wonder women in the 1950s munched Valium and Vitameatavegamin all the time. Trouble with chores, indeed. My mom and grandmother don’t understand the angst that I have toward cleaning. My mom insists that the reason she loves cleaning and the reason that I should love cleaning is because you get to sit down afterward and admire how nice everything looks. Odd. Because after I clean I sit down and cry about how I’ll just need to do it again soon. Who else needs a drink?

I know I’ve said this before but four-day weekends really are what’s up. Even a three-day weekend every week would do the trick. Think we can make that happen?

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  • I get that feeling of satisfaction when I clean, but things have to get so fucking bad before I care enough to do it, ya know? Or someone has to be coming over (case and point, this week). But seriously, those people who think you should like cleaning can eat out of my butt. I like the feeling when it’s done but that’s mostly because I don’t have to do any more cleaning for five minutes until I spill something like the clumsy jackass that I am.

  • mikebee

    i spent quite a bit of time recently thinking about hiring a cleaning service to clean our apartment, or at least the kitchen and bathroom and vacuuming. my allergies seem to be getting worse and worse and a dusty/mildewy/moldy house is a house that i get physicall sick in. also, i am, admittedly, completely useless at cleaning and i absolutely hate it. we have a very small apartment and I can’t be bothered to clean *that* so I’d hate to see how I’d fare with a house as big as yours is. i’m pretty sure i can afford something like $100/month or something like that to not have to worry about this shit.

  • Amber, I let the cleaning go scandalously long. I guess so I can feel more accomplished with such a dramatic before and after.

    Mike, we were just talking about being able to hire a cleaning service at some point in the future. I used to always be squicked out by the idea, but I think if someone could come in and do some dusting and a quick swipe of the bathrooms, I’d be happy.

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