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It’s 7:48. I’m still in my robe.

I can’t do it. I can’t just go back to the normal routine after sleeping in and doing whatever I want (read: nothing) for the past four days. I changed clothes twice this whole long weekend and apparently that’s how I want to live my life because the thought of getting dressed and functioning is totally painful right now.

It doesn’t help that it’s raining and grey and miserable this morning. It doesn’t help that the baby got me out of bed three times for runny noses and pee breaks. It doesn’t help that this morning I plumb did not know what my alarm clock was going on about and simply turned the thing off, only to finally wake up to the harsh realization that I have to go be a grown up now.

No fair.

4 comments to It’s 7:48. I’m still in my robe.

  • Clearly we’re living the same life only hundreds of miles apart. Untamed Heart (I’m one of the 4 people who saw it in the theatre), the emo parents thing, not being able to get the hell out of the house today because work is so unfair and Home for the Holidays! This is more than mere coincidence.

    Tell me that insurance will replace your HftH DVD. Or your mom. If not please send your address pronto. No lover of the movie should be without it.

  • Tracey, of course we do. You know this. By the way, I’ll be needing it soon.

    Kizz, I’m about 85% certain that I saw Untamed Heart in the theater, as well. Insurance will replace the DVD. :-)

  • The alarm clock is the most evil sound in all the world.

    I also saw Untamed Heart in the theatre.

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