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Death Row is the label that pays me.

Classes are over for me for the week and that means that I only have four more classes for this semester. And then I have to write some stuff and then I will be done until January.* And then there will be drinking and whooping and yawping. I should really work on some stuff now but I’m really just so tired and need just a quick break from having to think about serious stuff.

Anyway, some very nice person took a glance at my Amazon wish list and was kind enough to send me a slow cooker cookbook to help me in my endeavors to feed my family good food all while working full-time and freelancing and going to school. Methinks maybe I have bitten off more than I can chew. Perhaps I’ll cut the family loose. Something’s gotta give, right? In any case, thank you very, very much nice person. Your gift warmed some cockles…which sounds dirtier than it really is.

I am currently listening to Tracey’s Holiday Mix, which is very nice and I was relieved when she confirmed that it was, in fact, the same mix as last year. Because I didn’t want to send her an email asking her just what exactly she’s trying to pull, sending me the same mix like I wouldn’t notice. But it’s a good mix, so we’re cool.


I’ve had several people over the past few days comment, unsolicited, on just how tired I look and frankly it’s starting to sting a little bit. They do it out of concern. I understand this. And really I’ve looked kind of tired all of my life because I’ve had baggy eyes since I was a kid and my skin is very pale so that accentuates them. Also, I’m really tired. I have a lot going on in my life and I don’t get enough sleep. I do feel that I’ve…aged a lot in the past few years. I feel like I look and act much older than I am and that bums me out. I mean, shit, 7 years ago I was this adorable little sexpot and now I’m this stressed out mom. That’s life though, right?

Over the break I do want to rehab myself a little bit. But I can’t help but think that stressed out dads don’t get told how run down and crappy they look. Maybe I’ll make a point of telling every dude I see that they look like shit, but I’ll furrow my brow so they’ll know that I’m just “concerned.”


Can I just mention how irritated I am that both the Charlie Brown Christmas special and the Grinch have been on TV already? Talk about blowing your wad. That means that close to the actual holiday, the only Christmas specials that they’ll have left to play are total crud starring Jennifer Love-Hewitt or whoever.


3 comments to Death Row is the label that pays me.

  • When will people realize that when you tell someone they look tired, you’re telling them they look like a pile of shit?

    No one wants to hear that.

    And, thankyouverymuch, I know I look like shit.

  • Ben

    I agree I was totally bummed missing the Grinch and Charlie Brown specials. I think there needs to be a law no christmas anything till after dec 1st.

  • My best friend called me last night to vent (at length) over how they’ve cut bits of the Grinch. She is incensed (and I agree), so incensed that she’s writing a stern letter to ABC. She’ll be cc’ing it to my blog to ensure a wider readership than ABC’s circular file.

    Just shoot me the e-mail addresses of anyone who’s been “concerned” about you lately. I send out a quick mass mail of photos of my f’d up face with the subject line: Please Shut Up.

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