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My hair: now 100% frizzier

At some point yesterday, static descended upon our house and it is no longer safe to touch anyone or anything. I don’t remember it being this bad last year…but it’s possible I was just shocked so severely that my memory is on the fritz.

What’s my name again?

The husband was playing records last night and I stayed home because I was very, very tired. I ended up staying up late anyway watching the first two episodes of The Tudors on OnDemand. That show is alright. I seem to have trouble separating actors from their previous roles, so every time Jonathan Rhys-Meyers’ Henry consulted Sam Neill’s character, I felt compelled to yell, “Watch out for the velociraptor!” And Buckingham was Duncan in Last of the Mohicans and it seems like that guy gets typecast as The Sucker.


I halfheartedly threatened the baby with permanent toy removal if he didn’t get all of his toys off of the living room floor. So he piled them all up on an armchair. I’m not speaking to him at the moment.

When he’s in school, the baby doesn’t really watch TV during the week. So he gets a healthy dose of it on Saturdays. He revels in the braindeadness of it all and he keeps absentmindedly playing with the doors on our Ikea entertainment system cabinet thing. It’s slowly driving me insane because three seconds after I tell him to stop he’s back at it and since the furniture in question is Ikea, being touched has caused one of the doors to become crooked.

2 comments to My hair: now 100% frizzier

  • One time ages ago I was spending a week babysitting a girl about the baby’s age. Her mother had told us that on PAIN OF DEATH her room had to be clean before she could watch TV and I was NOT TO HELP. I negotiated a little and walked away and miraculously after much bellyaching in the negotiation process it was all done in like 10 minutes. Her mom came home, looked at the room once and whipped the comforter off the bed. She had very carefully spread out all the books that had been littering her floor on the bed so they comforter would lay smooth over them.

    Like you are with the baby I wanted to be mad, I really did, but the genius of it secretly impressed me.

  • Pics of the hair. This must be done. You have no choice. PICS of the HAIR or it didn’t happen. Now. Now now now.

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