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As of about five minutes ago, when I so very slyly stuffed my final portfolio underneath a few others so it wouldn’t look like I was the last one to turn it in, I am done with this semester.


Faretheefuckingwell, I say. I learned a lot, but this semester was just way too hard.

And soon the drinking shall commence.

Oh, in case you were wondering, I don’t just have random chats with the likes of Regina Spektor every day. I was interviewing her for an article I’m writing. I was incredibly nervous the whole time, but she was very nice and then at the end, when I could no longer contain myself, I broke into FanGirl and gushed over how much I like her music and how awesome and cool I think she is and that I wish her so much success. She responded, “Wow, that’s so nice! Thank you!” And I couldn’t tell if she was saying, “Wow! That’s so nice! Thank you!” or “Wow! I was not creeped out at all today until I got on the phone with you!”

But who cares? THE SEMESTER IS OVER!

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