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This post brought to you by my fantastic eye crust

Obviously, since I put a rather hellacious semester to rest yesterday, I was really trying to cut a little loose last night. The baby was spending the night at my mother-in-law’s house because the husband was playing records at Remedy last night and I wanted to go with him. But first we stopped at my prof’s house for a party for the graduating MAs. I made a beeline for the wine and commenced relaxing. My prof’s husband played his musical saw for us which was pretty cool.

I went with the other MAs to the Sharp Edge for a beer and then went to Remedy where I had another beer. Quantity-wise I wasn’t going crazy, but I was a little slurry. When we got home we watched TV for a bit and then passed out in bed. When we woke up this morning, I came to the really crappy realization that I had slept with my bra on.


I have to go shower because the baby and I are heading to the airport with my mother-in-law in a little bit to pick up my sister-in-law who has been studying abroad in Argentina for the past six months. I don’t think she would appreciate a welcome home from someone with red wine mouth and scented by Eau de Cigarettes.

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