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Why you wish you lived in my house

121707 002

Cause I have much baked goods in my house at the moment.

Starting at the bottom of the pic, those round foil pans of delicious are cinnamon rolls that I made for my co-workers (you also wish you worked with me). The lumpy things in the muffin pan are Pear and Granola Muffins. The cookies on the plate next to the muffins are Peanut Butter and Chocolate Chip Cookies. And the cookies at the end of the table are Lemon Basil Cookies.

Full disclosure: I am not totally responsible for all of this. Mary came over last night and helped me bake and that kinda looked like Mary being a whirling dervish in the kitchen and me in the dining room agonizing over just how much flour I should sprinkle my work surface with. Mary bakes much more often than I do so she was much more at ease cracking eggs and creaming butter and whatnot. And to be fair, I was working with YEAST. And yeast is alive. And I don’t take working on living things lightly. So, yeah, our final tally was Mary: Lemon Basil cookies, Peanut Butter and Chocolate Chip cookies, Pear and Granola muffins; Kelly: Cinnamon Rolls.

Also, I won’t tell you how much butter we used. Just trust me that it was obscene.

The baby was helping, clad in his chef hat. I should have taken pictures but I was busy staring intently at the yeast. Then he fell off of his stool that he was standing on. Sigh. He changed into some sweatpants and retired to the couch for the evening, where he and the husband watched Shaolin Soccer. I really thought he would just pass out there, but was surprised to find him still awake at 10:00. Awesome.

The biggest surprise of this batch were the Lemon Basil cookies. I got the recipe for those from my friend Sheryl after she mentioned them on her blog the other day. Oh my god. They’re so good. We used dried basil but I imagine they would taste even yummier with the fresh stuff. We also used golden raisins in place of currants, but I think the raisins were a little too sweet. I would really like to try them with some dried cranberries.

What’s that? You want to see more cookie pr0n? Well, I’m happy to oblige…

121707 003

121707 005

121707 006

121707 009

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