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My day so far (in video)

I put a load of laundry in the washer and then got back into bed because it was REALLY exhausting. My cat jumped up and joined me, gave me a little back massage, then flopped down in front of me so I could scratch him in the way that makes him lick his chest and shoulders and arms and my bra a little bit.

And that’s about all I’ve accomplished so far. Being on vacation is glorious.

So we actually ventured to the mall yesterday. It wasn’t TOO insane. But I find that when our little crew finds ourself in an environment like that, our only thought is to make it out. Survival instincts kick in and the goal of finding gifts for loved ones seems to vanish. At one point we were just walking briskly through the crowd, passing all of the stores. When we got to the end of the mall, we all exhaled like, “Thank god we made it through,” and then we had to just go back into the thick of it when we realized that we were empty handed.

That wasn’t as bad as when I went to Macy’s downtown with my mom on Saturday. The combined experience of downtown Pittsburgh in 2007 and the weekend before Christmas was a bit much for me. Everyone was either dazed or miserable. My mom kept asking me if I needed to go buy anything. I did, but I just couldn’t bring myself to do it. It was just icky and depressing. But the baby went into the little shop that they have set up so that kids can buy stuff for their family members and went to see Santa again. Santa asked the baby if he had been good and done his chores, specifically stuff like brushing his teeth and whatnot. He asked him if he picked up his toys when he is asked to and the baby glanced at me and the smirk I had on my face and said, “Uh, you don’t want to ask about that.” Smartass.

Anyway, the baby and I need to get started on making some cookies for Santa. Then I’ll probably have to scratch the cat some more. I’m booked solid, peeps.

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