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You know what’s kind of frightening? Slipping and falling in the shower. I know because I just did it. I stepped weirdly, I guess, and then my feet were doing this tap dance of panic and then down I went. I remember thinking, “I hope I don’t break my neck or become otherwise incapacitated, especially since I’m home alone. Then I’ll have to lay in the shower whimpering until someone comes home and finds me naked and with extremely pruney fingers and toes.”

Luckily, I managed to only bump my knee. But Jack Nicholson and Morgan Freeman are now making Walter Matthau/Jack Lemmon-esque old man movies about squeezing the most out of life. That’s kind of depressing to me.

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  • I too have felt the sting of the bottom of the bathtub as I fall upon it, and you have my sympathies. In my case, I bruised my back and butt nicely, and narrowly escaped having to be rescued by my roommate. (My boyfriend at the time happened to be there, and unlike my roomie, he’d seen me naked before.)

    Also, I am ready for a new era of old man buddy comedies. The Grumpy Old Men franchise remains awesome. I HAVE SPOKEN.

  • “The Grumpy Old Men franchise remains awesome. I HAVE SPOKEN.”

    I believe you, though I’ve never seen them. But those guys, in my world, were always old so those movies were fine for them. Jack and Morgan, however, have always been kind of middle-aged. I guess dude equivalents of chick flicks are making me contemplate mortality. And that’s a bummer.

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