I’m trying to be all healthy and active and whatnot

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I wanted to post something here today but so far I haven’t been able to think of anything…besides this…and this. Meta.

ummm…Oh! I got my period a week early! That was fun, especially the part where I had to use the free pads in the bathroom and wobble back to my office like, “Hey! Do you like this twin mattress I’m sporting?”

The husband and the baby are playing Connect Four in the next room, which sounds all wholesome and nice, but the baby doesn’t really get strategy yet and the husband does not have any patience. In another minute, they’ll no longer be on speaking terms.

We have yet to go serious grocery shopping this month and my god I don’t want to. At all. Serious grocery shopping means making a list and then driving and then spending two hours in Wal-Mart. Not really in a rush to do that.

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