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shush it

I think I shall start a new feature called “Nicolette Grant’s Shush It List,” named, of course, for the Mormon badass on Big Love


This installment: voting motivations.

“Women will vote for Hilary Clinton because she is a woman. Black people will vote for Barack Obama because he’s black.”

Shush it.

There are plenty of Republicans who vote for Republicans because they are Republicans and plenty of Democrats who vote for Democrats because they are Democrats and I’m sure they could use an earful on how to choose a suitable candidate. That’s why we have those levers or buttons that say “Vote Democrat” or “Vote Republican” that allow a voter to do the handy-dandy straight-ticket voting.

As soon as they create some “Vote Woman” or “Vote Black” levers, then you can worry…and still shush it because that would be kinda rad.

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