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On our way into work this morning, I was absentmindedly staring at the car in front of us and I noticed that something seemed odd about the occupants. After a second or two I realized that it was because the passenger was not sitting in the passenger’s seat, but rather in between the driver’s and passenger’s seat. And she was moving around slightly. It occurred to me that the passenger was giving the driver some manual pleasure.

So, I very scientifically said, “Yo, I think that woman is giving that guy a hand job.”

And because we are a very mature couple, the husband said, “Really?!?!? Let me see if I can get a look.” Well, we were going to be changing lanes anyway. The husband signaled and went into the right lane and as we started to pass the other car, the husband not so subtly turned his whole body around and peered into the handjobmobile. “That was SO a hand job happening there!” he reported. “Niiiice!” I Borat-ed.

We giggled for a minute and then the husband pointedly asked me, “How come I don’t ever get hand jobs on the way to work?” The sister-in-law piped up from the back seat and said, “Um, I would really prefer if that did not happen right now.”

Fair enough.

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